5 Benefits of Beard Oil

Listen - regardless of how much facial hair you have you NEED to be using beard oil. So many people think that you need to have a super thick, Grizzly Adams style beard in order to use it, but honestly there are just as many benefits for the fellas with short beards as the fellas with the long beards.


While this list won’t explain every single benefit, it will share the benefits we think are among the top five. And one or two may surprise you…


1. A healthy beard is a happy beard

Beard oil is made with vitamin and mineral rich oils and these oils provide the nourishment needed to keep the hair healthy. This will prevent the facial hair from drying out, which can cause hairs to split or break. It will also strengthen the hair follicles, keeping them strong so you don’t lose those hairs you’re working so hard to grow! 


2. Beard care = skin care 

Yes, you read that correctly. Taking care of the skin underneath the beard is actually just as important as taking care of the beard itself. That’s our favorite tid bit to share with people in person - and it never fails to be a surprise. The same ingredients in our beard oil that keeps hair healthy will keep the skin healthy, too. As your beard gets longer, the hair will actually draw your natural face oil away from the skin, making beard oil the perfect way to replenish it. The vitamins and minerals also have anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent acne. 


3. Beard itch and beard-ruff (dandruff) - stop it before it starts

Another reason beard (and skin) care is so important is to avoid inevitable itchy phase and the dreaded beard-ruff. That’s right, face dandruff is a thing. If your face becomes too dry, the skin can flake off and either hang on to your beard or end up all over your shirt. The last thing you want is an unintentional snowy scene on your shirt, especially in the summertime! 


4. Tame your face mane 

Beard oil will keep your beard looking nice and tidy, helping tame the flyaway hairs that choose to grow in different directions. It will also add some texture to your beard and allow some minor styling, giving you a clean appearance that will make you stand out among others.


5. It’s like cologne, but for your face

If you don’t take proper care of your beard, it can end up smelling a little...unpleasant. Beards can collect dirt and other pollutants (smoke, food, etc.), so a regular washing (*more to come on that) and oiling regimen will keep it smelling fresh.  There’s a scent out there for everyone, but if you’re into woodsy scents, we’d recommend our Cuyahoga Cedar Beard Oil. If you’re into a hint of floral, our Midwest Fresh Beard Oil has a touch of lavender. 

We could easily talk about our oils for hours, but now you at least know the basic benefits and have enough of a reason to start using oil! You can always reach out to us at info@ohiobeardcompany.com with any questions and we’ll be glad to help any way we can! 


Here’s to your beards! 




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