What is beard oil? 

Our beard oil is a blend of all natural carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils. These oils have been perfectly combined to create an amazing leave-in "conditioner" for your beard. This results in a healthy, vibrant beard. 


Why use beard care products? 

When you grow facial hair, the hair draws your natural oil away from the skin, causing an itch and possibly dandruff (beard-druff in this case). Applying our products regularly will eliminate the itch and keep the skin and hair healthy.

Who should use beard products? 

Anyone with facial hair! You don't have to have a full beard in order to benefit from the oil. With regular use, your facial hair will be softer and conditioned and your skin will be healthy and moisturized. 

How do I apply beard oil? 

Easy - rub 1-2 pumps (or more if needed) of oil in your hands then massage into your beard. It's always a good idea to run a comb through afterwards to help distribute the oil evenly to your hair and skin. 

Any other questions? Just ask! 

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