What is beard oil? 

Our beard oil is a blend of all natural carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils. These oils have been perfectly combined to create an amazing leave-in "conditioner" for your beard. This results in a healthy, vibrant beard. 


Why beard oil? 

Beard oil hydrates and conditions as it soaks into your hair and skin. It soothes dry skin, prevents beard-druff (dandruff of the beard), softens the hair, and even encourages beard and mustache growth.    

Who should use beard oil? 

Anyone with facial hair! You don't have to have a full beard in order to benefit from the oil. With regular use, your facial hair will be softer and conditioned and your skin will be healthy and moisturized. 

How do I apply beard oil? 

Easy - rub 1-2 pumps (or more if needed) of oil in your hands then massage into your beard. It's always a good idea to run a comb through afterwards to help distribute the oil evenly to your hair and skin. 

Any other questions? Just ask! 

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